reflective essay

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before you write this essay you have to read these :
1-plato’s “allegory of the cave”;

2-“can she snap”;
3- “letter from birmingham jail,”

reflect what you learned from one or more of those essays, also in your reflection be sure to include the essays’ connection to plato’s concept of the cave, which is the underlying theme of this fys course.

students should include quotes, facts and evidence from the readings to support their reflection points, especially those parts that made you think about a particular issue in a different way,made you change their mind about some way they used to think before they read the passage.illuminated you in some way,tell how,use examples from the texts to demonstrate clearly what you mean.

please read this :

reflection papers can be personal, are personal and can include your own past experiences or ways of thinking to make a point about what your thinking is now after having read the essays.
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