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discussion 1: “actionless action.” please respond to the following: identify any aspects of wu wei that would be practical in the busy lives of city dwellers, especially those living in the west. explain whether or not you think that wu wei would be a reasonable way for a person to live his or her life. explain why or why not it would be reasonable for you personally. provide your own example of the so-called “paradox of wu wei” in which you demonstrate how a person can consciously “try not to try.” i think that the natural flow is the best wu wei that would work for people that live in the busy life style. people who live out west and who live in cities like new york i think lose sight of the things that are important. i personally think that living life the wu wei way would help people not be so uptight and enjoy life a little more. if we tried to change the way that we live now here in the usa the laws would restrict us from being able to live “free” all the time. my socalled “paradox of wu wei” would have to be “let go and just be”. it’s a power of personal thoughts. if a person all of a sudden thinks about going swimming then they should go swimming. there are some days that i wake up and think i think i want to go to the beach today. if i was practicing wu wei i would get up and go to the beach no matter what. when walking in a store if the music moved you to dance you would just dance without judgment of other people. wu wei is not being controlled by anything and having spontaneous thoughts and being moved by those thoughts.
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