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discussion 2: “the superior person.” please respond to the following:
read confucius’ description of a superior person:
“wealth and honor are what every man desires. but if they have been obtained in violation of moral principles, they must not be kept. poverty and humble station are what every man dislikes. but if they can be avoided only in violation of moral principles, they must not be avoided. if a superior man departs from humanity, how can he fulfill that name? a superior man never abandons humanity even for the lapse of a single meal. in moments of haste, he acts according to it. in times of difficulty or confusion, he acts according to it” (from “the analects of confucius” in an anthology of living religions, p.144).
with basic confucian principles in mind (such as the concepts of virtue, ren, reciprocity, and so forth), imagine confucius’ superior person as a modern-day super hero.
describe what sort of super powers this person would have and how he or she would combat evil.
provide a “real-life” example of someone who you believe meets confucius’ characteristics for a superior person, and explain why.
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