required prepare in good general journal form the journal entry (entries) to record the above payroll explain fully what answer you would give to an employee who claims they are entitled to unemployme

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the cumulative earnings of the five employees of suds n’ pizza time, inc are presented below. these sums do not include the current pay period, which is shown in a separate column. all data reflect gross pay. using this information you are to prepare, with explanations, the general journal entries to record the payroll and the payroll taxes for the current period.
assume the total federal income tax is withheld from each employee’s current pay period is $ 810 : fica and medicare taxes imposed at the rate of 7.65% on the first $132,000 of earnings ; the federal unemployment tax rate is 0.6% on the first $ 7,000 of earned income ; state income taxes withheld from each employee, for the current pay period is $ 320; the state unemployment tax rate is 4% on the first $7,000 of earned income ; and state disability insurance tax rate is 2.2 % of the first $ 93,500 of earnings. other deductions made from the employee’s pay include : for joan parlussi the voluntary withholding of medical insurance of $ 1,100; and, for jimmi slicker, $ 300 for court ordered child support payments; and for jo e. nutmeg the an irs levy for back taxes of $ 750
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