Research Your Favorite Instrument On The Web

Project Description:

Research Your Favorite Instrument On The Web

Choose an instrument or voice type to research. For example: oboe, violin, guitar, piano, soprano, etc.

Then research each of the categories below. For each category, submit at least two web sites you have researched and a paragraph summarizing what you have learned from each site.

Your finished paper should include at least 10 websites and a summary of what you have learned in each category.

Please number your answers.

Your report should be a minimum of 1000 words.

Your grade will depend partly on how clearly you organize and present the information.

History and Manufacturers:
Research the instrument's history and well know manufacturers.
Famous Performers:
Research at least two famous performers associated with your chosen instrument. Give information about their lives and why you chose them.
Famous Composers:
Research at least two famous composers who have featured your chosen instrument in a composition. Write about their lives and why you chose them.
Submit the title and composer of five famous pieces written specifically for your instrument. Here is a site that might help Naxos of America.
Orchestras or other ensembles:
Your favorite instrument will likely, but not necessarily, be part of a traditional symphony orchestra. Submit and comment on two orchestra websites. For example, the Los Angeles Philharmonic site is If your instrument or voice type is not normally part of an orchestra, submit websites and information for ensembles that include it.

Important Hint

We highly recommend you type your answer using any word processor (PC Users: You can use WordPad or NotePad. Mac Users: You can use TextEdit.). Please make sure you save your work as you go along. When you are done, CUT and PASTE your answer into the empty box. That way, if for any reason you loose your internet connection in the middle of typing your answer, you won't lose all the work you have done up to that point.
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