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please include the following information in your paper:

introduction to the state senator about the importance of funding a rehabilitative program for offenders in your state. please include any factual data, statistics and/or recent national or local news (2-3 pages)
describe the pros and cons of the ineffective and effective programs that you have selected (3-5 pages). how many studies have been conducted on this type of program. for the program that you are recommending, cite a minimum of two scholarly resources why you are making this recommendation over the other programs available. for the program that you are requesting the funding to stop, please cite a minimum of two scholarly resources or supported reasons on why the funding should stop.
conclusions: in this section, please make recommendations to the state senator regarding how he/she might make this program work for offenders in your state and why he/she should implement this program now. (try to think of yourself as a policy advisor. the state senator will want to know the specific details as well as the practical issues that he/she will have to deal with. for example, will people resist, will there be enough trained staff members for this program, do we have finances to operate this program, etc.)

effective program: aggression replacement training: a multidimensional psychoeducational intervention designed to promote prosocial behavior in chronically aggressive and violent adolescents using techniques to develop social skills, emotional control, and moral reasoning.
no effects: all stars : all stars™ is a character-based approach to preventing high-risk behaviors such as substance use, violence, and premature sexual activity in teens ages 11 to 15. the program is rated no effects. the program evaluation found no statistical significance between the control and experiment group for violence, substance abuse or sexual activity.
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