research and analyze and compare one american and one non american designer

Project Description:


janelle wilson

professor nicolaou

fas 101

january 15, 2015






the term project will research analyze and compare one american and one non-american designer to include the following areas:


 a. background of each designer, education, age, and how he/she got into the


b.   the market segment(s) that each designer targets.  discuss the demographics of the designer’s customer (age, income, occupation,

lifestyle, social class, cultural background, etc.).  

c.  description of the look(s) for which each designer is known for.  include  pictures and/or sketches.  describe the fabrics this designer uses in the  garments that are sold to the consumer.  where is the merchandise  produced?

d.     describe how each designer promotes the merchandise that he/she manufactures and where it is sold.  

e.  explanation of why each designer is considered an important designer.  here you can include a personal viewpoint and evaluation of the designer’s work.

f   compare the similarities and differences of these designers.




also to be included:


1. headings between each of the above six sections.

2. two or more examples of the designers’ apparel design/work – include photos or sketches.

3. a photograph of each designer.

4. address of showroom where the designers are most frequently in residence.

5. please note that examples of the designers’ work and photograph of each designer are in addition to the 6-7 page paper (written work should not be less than 6 pages).  

6. mla format for documentation should be carefully followed with in-text citations and a works cited page at the end of the project.


please note that examples of the designer’s work and photograph of the designer are in addition to the 6 page (minimum) written paper.  it is recommended that additional research written content be added.


· a powerpoint version of this paper is to be presented/posted on blackboard.  


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