research data mining vendors

Project Description:

in this task, you will research and summarize one data mining vendor. additionally, you will identify data from the organization that might be a good target for data mining.

procedure: choose one open source or commercial vendor of data mining software from the themes that is unique from all other forum entries.
for the chosen vendor or sponsoring organization:
summarize its size, strengths, and market position.
summarize the software's data mining functions.
do not cross over from data mining to analytics in the discussion. if a vendor has multiple tools, stay on the topic and tool of data mining. illustrate the mining techniques the tools use.
describe a data source or data set at your organization of focus that might be a good target for data mining.
illustrate the data in the data source and how the data might be mined to find patterns following the examples in the themes.
define the patterns that might be searched for and the potential information that could be determined from the mined data.
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