research paper

Project Description:

i think 1.5 page will be enough
for this week, your written task is:

chose one of the topics listed and write a brief explanation on how you will research and present this topic for your final course project.

growing a family business
strategic planning in a family business
how culture can affect a family business
succession planning in a family business
conflict issues in a family business
the importance of communication in a family business

submit your task as an attached word document and it will include the following:
the topic chosen
a brief explanation on how you will research this topic
a brief explanation on how you think you will address this topic (this may change as you do your research)
a brief explanation on why you chose this topic

(this is the beginning of my paper, i hope christine you will do my research paper later on y the end of my semester. keep this work for you as well, because you might need it.)thank you christine for a great work.
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