research paper

Project Description:

research paper description

you will develop a 5-7 page paper covering business systems problems in today's world.
your topic is due in week 2. a draft and final will be submitted in week 4.
select an industry of interest. identify and describe some of the problems affecting the industry where business systems may be used.
identify the reasons (technological and / or business drivers) behind the problems.
select at least one problem area and research different systems solutions (3 options) or technologies currently available or under development that may help solve the problem.
evaluate the options in relationship to the problem and identify which option you determine would be the best fit. (a-2, c-2)

business case project

develop a complete business case for an idea. this may be a real example from your work environment or a fictional example from anywhere you choose.
the basis for your business case is taken from the subject of your research paper.
identify business area, your role in the business and a general problem that you plan to address for your business case, as this is the time that you would have selected your topic for your research paper.
submit the swot analysis.
list of critical success factors
.feasibility analysis.

note: need topic for research paper and a problem statement for business case within 11/13 2015 10pm
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