research paper - industry and problem and business case - problem statement

Project Description:

research paper(submit the topic and general intent for your research paper.your business case will be driven from this topic.):

business systems problems in today's world. select an industry of interest. identify and describe some of the problems affecting the industry where business systems may be used. identify the reasons (technological and / or business drivers) behind the problems. select at least one problem area and research different systems solutions (3 options) or technologies currently available or under development that may help solve the problem.
evaluate the options in relationship to the problem and identify which option you determine would be the best fit. (a-2, c-2)

this is where you submit your draft research paper. use the file attachment area below to attach your word document.

this link is for the submission of your paper to safeassign to check if this document has been plagiarized. the business case document your are submitting should be based on your selection of the business case template that you identified in your research paper.

complete this task in a word document and submit it via this task link. this task link serves as your draft for safeassign. after submitting it, a report is generated that shows if you have plagiarized. make the appropriate changes and then re-submit your paper in the link below. make sure to use proper apa formatting, especially when citing websites.

you will need to give yourself time prior to submitting the final to allow for your review and updates.

business case reseach paper:

a business case definition: documentation detailing the requirements to move an idea from conceptualization to project initiation.

for this task, i want you to compare and contrast a business case and a business plan. include definitions and applications. also please explore business case templates. the above definition of a business case is mine, if you would like to offer a different definition as part of your task, please do so, but of course you will defend it therein. there are examples of business case templates located in the readings for this course. there are also some links provided. please review other web sites of relevance and indicate those you use.

i want you to submit to me in three weeks maximum a paper on the above and stating why the details in the business case template are there and how this represents the corpus of data that would be submitted to obtain funding and project approval to get a project started. the paper should be from 4 to 6 pages in length. select a business case template that you like and tell me why you selected that business case template. i want you to reference at least three different business case templates and select the one you believe to be the best. include the one, or url for it, with your paper. you should reference the others that you evaluated to come to your conclusion.

this is the first of two projects, the second is identified in week four tasks. yes you can look now if you want to it should be there.

this research paper is due week 5 (due by 11:59 pm on november 27, 2015)

please reference the rubric in the rubrics/criteria section for grading expectations.
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