research paper on amazon that discusses in detail your pre-selected "global" organization's international business practices.

Project Description:

3. submit as word document within this task window

4. papers should be approximately between (8) and (12) total pages in overall length. i will provide you further tip re length of specific sections during our bb collaborate session introducing the project.

5. 11 pt. font, times new roman.

6. 1" margins all around.

7. 1.5 line spacing.

8. cover page with organization name, group # complete names of all students and date submitted.

9. make use of an automatically generated table of contents - use the "styles feature" to create true word "headings" that will drive this table of contents.

10. make use of sections and have your page numbering begin on the first page of text (not your title page or table of contents page).

11. this is a required group project - you have already been randomly assigned to a group (see student tools, groups).

12. cite from the least (10) different sources found via fisher libraries’ publication database in your paper using word's footnoting feature - not in text citations or endnotes. total sources your group looks at should be in 25-50 range.

13. make sure to include a works cited section in mla format for both your footnotes and your works cited or bibliography. maximum credit for the research section will be granted if you include a bibliography instead of a works cited section - (bibliography includes all research used by your group, whether cited or not, but it will take more time to prepare.)
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