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forensic accounting
mid-term exam and research paper
a list of companies that have been accused of using creating accounting practices has been
provided. students are to select a company to conduct research on. these companies, at one
period or another, have manipulated their financial statements in order to achieve certain
financial goals, defraud the investing public, and/or stockholders, the securities and exchange
commission (sec), financial analysts, and wall street analysts.
for your mid-term exam, you will be tasked with preparing a research paper (properly cited).
the mid-term is due october 8, 2015. in addition, you are tasked to prepare a powerpoint
presentation to be presented in class that will satisfy the research component of your grade. the
presentation will be due on november 12, 2015. the length of each is to be determined by the
student in addressing the below.
your research should address the following:
1. what creative accounting practices were performed by the ceo, cfo, or coo?
2. how was the company found out?
3. what penalties, fines, sentence were assessed and to whom?
4. what did executive management do to stretch, bend, manipulate, and/or break
recommended accounting principles to attain their deceptive financial goals?
5. if available, discuss their code of conduct or ethics and how that could have preventive
the fraudulent activity.

selescted company: first union corp
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