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demographic research project
1. read the article at:
2. explore the esri tapestry website at:
esri tapestry is an online marketing tool similar to the prizm website we looked at in class, but with more recently updated information. try entering several different zip codes around the country and look at the data for tapestry, income, age, and population density for each one.
3. look up your own zip code and study the information. take note in particular of the following: (my zip code is 10469)

• how does the demographic data for your neighborhood compare with others?

• what consumer and lifestyle preferences are highlighted for each market segment?

note: if you live on the border between two different zip codes, choose the one that you think best typifies your part of the neighborhood.

4. compare the esri profile of your neighborhood with your own observed experience. you can use your memory as a guide, but you should also walk around the neighborhood observing with these questions specifically in mind. look carefully at stores, products, homes, cars, how people dress, and other factors
optional: if you wish, interview people about their lifestyle choices and consumer preferences. this can be done casually in a conversational way if you don’t want to reveal that you are actually doing research. in any case, use your best judgement and avoid confrontation!
5. write up a one-page summary of your findings, including the comparison between the online profile and your observations. how accurate are the esri tapestry characterizations? in what ways do your findings agree with those of esri, and in what ways do they differ? be prepared to present this orally in class on tuesday night, november 17 and to turn in a hard copy. you do not need to include visuals or powerpoint, but we will look at the online segment profiles.
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