research project need by 9:00 pm mountain time today

Project Description:

tin project part 1, you will develop the first part of your project. you have been introduced to a foundation on research methods, different types of research methods utilized, ethics in research, measurements and sampling, research validity, and methods of writing a problem statement and formulating a hypothesis to begin a preliminary search, which will be the beginning of your literature review. you have also critiqued two to three articles by now and can begin to think about your approach to your research – your research design in other words.

for this part of the project, complete the complete the following tasks:

task 1 conduct a preliminary search on a problem you are interested in studying. feel free to use the work you started in your discussion last week or choose a new topic. you can also choose a previously conducted study. explain why you are interested in this study and who will benefit from the results.

task 2 determine whether your topic is researchable and is a good topic for research.

task 3 narrow your topic to be sure it is researchable. research is effective when it adds to the body of knowledge that already exists.

task 4 write your problem statement.

task 5 identify your dependent and independent variables.

task 6 formulate your hypothesis.

task 7 list 5 to 10 references you can use in your literature review.

task 8 identify possible ethical concerns that may surface in your study.

task 9 identify how you can collect data for your research and where you might obtain primary or secondary data.

task 10 write a couple of background paragraphs about your research, describing the problem and who will benefit from the result of this research or how it might add to the body of knowledge.

deliverables and format:
submit your answers in a word document in 4–5 pages.
font: arial, 12 point
line spacing: double

assigned and due date:
assigned: week 1
due: week 3

grading weight: 5% he problem is that car accidents are on the rise and using cell phones while driving may be the cause.
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