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saudi airlines would like to seek opinion about its services, offers and customers’ suggestion through a survey to be conducted. the airlines is mainly focusing on the demographic information about the travelers such as name, origin city (country), destination city (country), nationality, age group, level of income and number of dependent while travelling. they are also interested to know about the choice of meal, choice of seat selection, travel class. they want to know the rating of their services that they offer like ticket reservation, on-board services, changing flight schedule and places, and sky sales. the airlines needs to know about the frequent traveler and their frequency to a particular destination, the suitable time.
they need to know the level of satisfaction about the flight such as easy to find place in the plane, crew behavior, assistance during the flight needed and level of comfort, various offers made by the airlines etc.
at the end of the questionnaire, provide a space for writing suggestions (any) by the traveler
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