research proposal of "strategy is easy, but tactics is hard."

Project Description:

you are required to submit a research proposal that examines the
following question:
a key aspect of entrepreneurship is business planning. it is considered a vital component for
the success of new businesses. it is certainly a lengthy, difficult and time consuming
exercise for entrepreneurs. however it is also commonly argued that ‘the plan is not the
business.’ how can this be reconciled, if at all, with arthur rock (a famous leading venture
capitalist) who said, ‘strategy is easy, but tactics is hard.’
examine and reflect on this seeming paradox. what are the implications for entrepreneurs?
your analysis needs to take into consideration the hyper competitive environment that
business ventures today face.
you are required to support your discussion with theory and wherever possible illustrate
their observations with real-world examples. the paper should not be more than 3,000
words in length and must be accurately referenced.
you are required to review a minimum of 20 journal articles that are directly related to your chosen area of research related the question abow. all these articles should represent empirical studies preferably from peer-reviewed journals.
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