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benchmarking allows organizations to set realistic, rigorous new performance targets. the process of benchmarking helps convince people of the credibility of these targets. there are several specific benefits that result from this process which include:

* performance improvement because it allows the company to define specific performance gaps and to determine what processes need improvement. the gaps provide objectives and action plans for improvement at all levels of the business and promote improved performance for employees and those who may be involved (such as vendors)

* benchmarking also provides a basis for training. as i mentioned above, employees begin to see gaps between what they are doing and what best-in-class are doing. closing the gap points out the need for staff to be trained to learn techniques of problem solving and process improvement.

the following question needs to be answered:
in your example as a cooking apprentice, is there a "gap" you can identify that a benchmarking process used by the waldorf astoria, could improve?
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