restraunt serving

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dessert ordered male female total
yes 96 40 136
no 224 240 464
total ---- ---- ----
320 280 600

beef entree
dessert ordered yes no total
yes 71 65 136
no 116 348 464
total ---- --- ---
187 413 600
the waiter approaches the table to take an order for dessert. what is the probability that the first customer to order at the table:
1) order a dessert?
2) order a dessert or has ordered a beef entree?
3) is a female and does not order a desert?
4) is a female or does not order a dessert?
5) suppose the first person from whom the waiter takes the dessert order is a female. what is the probability that she does not order dessert?
6) are gender and ordering desert independent?
7) is ordering a beef entree independent of whether the person orders dessert?
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