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i have wrote this research, but i need correct some mistakes and keep the subject more clear with what the teacher ask to do. you can add or delete any informations that are not important.
i will send my friend's work for other topic (teaching english...) you can read to understand what the difference between my research and my friend research. also, i will send my research and directions for this task.( high divorce rates in saudi arabia)
you don't need change anything until (literature review) because i sent it to the teacher and she read and evaluate. so, your work for just review from (methodology) to the end (reflection).
i hope when you done review the (methodology) send it to me as soon as possible.
because when send (methodology), my professor sent to me this feedback (this is not adequate for a methodology section!! this seems to be a repeat for the literature review. be much more specific -- the
5w1h is a good guide (who, what, when, where, why and how).)
so, i hope to review this and keep every sentence more clear and easy.
as you know, i am international student, so i hope to use more common word, and be sure for checking for plagiarism.
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