review the comprehensive annual financial report (cafr) - state of ohio

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ch9 continuing problem
review the comprehensive annual financial report (cafr) you obtained. (the state of ohio).

1. indicate the activities accounted for in both internal service funds and major enterprise funds. comment on whether any of these activities could also have been accounted for in a general or other governmental fund.
2. how are the internal service fund activities reported in the government-wide statement of net position? how are they reported in the proprietary funds statement of net position?

ch11 continuing problem
review the ohio comprehensive annual financial report (cafr) you obtained (the state of ohio).

1. do the notes to the financial statements indicate the component units and other related entities that are included within the reporting entity? do they indicate any units that are not included? do they explain why these units are included or excluded?
2. how are the component units presented in the government-wide financial statements?
3. how are they presented in the fund statements?
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