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nitrogen accumulation of six groups of sorghum grown on a municipal biosolids use site.

j.f. pedersen, k.j. moore, s. schroth, d.t. walters
source: oai
abstract groundwater contamination with nitrate (no3-) is a current problem in the u.s. sources of contamination include disposal of municipal biosolids. because sorghum (sorghum bicolor [l.] moench) is an efficient scavenger of nitrogen (n) from the soil, its production on soils that receive biosolids may reduce n accumulation in those soils. an experiment was conducted to determine the amount of n accumulated by six types of sorghum. three hybrids each of six types of sorghum (tropical, forage, sudangrass, sorghum x sudangrass, grain, and sweet) were evaluated for n accumulation on a municipal biosolids disposal site. tropical sorghum and sorghum x sudangrass had the highest dry matter production and accumulated the most n. nitrogen accumulation was largely a function of dry matter yield. biomass produced was only adequate for beef maintenance diets but may be a useful biomass source for ethanol production from celulose.
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