rhetorical analysis

Project Description:

for your first rhetorical analysis, you must discuss an editorial that appeared in the new york times on august 31


your job is to 1) identify the author’s main idea (in other words write a thesis statement for the editorial), and 2) identify at least two occasions when the author uses the “they say / i say” strategies discussed in our textbook. please remember that the author may not quote others directly. instead, she may summarize their ideas or anticipate their positions.

finally, your analysis should discuss briefly what you find to be the most effective parts of the author’s argument.
it must be typed, double-spaced, and should be approximately 600 words in length.

you will have to use the strategies from the book and the strategies will be in the pages 1-92,
here is the link to the book which is mentioned above "they say, i say"
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