richard spellman case

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the richard spellman case deals with a recent hbs mba who has decided to leave one dot‐com, where he was a vp, to become ceo of another start‐up. the case focuses on two key agreements that are part of the negotiation—a restricted stock agreement and an employment agreement. as the devil is in the details, you will be expected to read each agreement carefully, even those sections you might initially dismiss as boilerplate. in the (a) case, we will find the first drafts of these agreements, prepared by the attorney for the start‐ up.

you are required to read - the entrepreneurʹs guide to business law: chapter 5: structuring the ownership - in order to answer the questions.

answer the following questions:
1. identify the key issues associated with the restricted stock agreement? which provisions would you like to modify or add?
2. are there any other issues that spellman should be worried about? if so, which other legal documentations should he consider adding?
3. should spellman file an 83(b) election?
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