risk analysis

Project Description:

your company has just sent you to another intensive seminar on business law.
the ceo asks you: “now that you have attended this session, what have you learned? what measures can the company take to avoid—or at least minimize—some of the legal pitfalls facing us? what should we do?”
paper of 1,000 to 1,250 words responding to the ceo’s question.
include a risk avoidance plan covering the following topics
the constitution and business law
international law
credit and bankruptcy
must be with no plagiarism, release of founds will be until plagiarism check and approval is done
minimum of 2 sources from the usa
format paper in apa
work must be original and not only citations
non negotiable 18 dlls plus
you have 10 hr to finish no more please don't send proposals for 2 days or 1 day
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