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1. what multivariate technique would you use to analyze each of the following problems? explain you choice in detail.
a. employee job satisfaction (high, normal, low) and employee success (0-2 promotions, 3-5 promotions, 5+ promotions) are to be studied in three different departments of a company.
b. consumers making a brand choice decision among three brands of coffee are influenced by their own income levels and the extent of advertising of the brands.
c. consumer choice of color in fabrics is largely dependent on ethnicity, income level, and the temperature of the geographic area. there is detailed area wide demographic data on income levels, ethnicity, and population, as well as the weather bureau’s historical data on temperature. how would you identify geographic areas for selling dark-colored fabric? you have sample data for 200 randomly selected consumers: their fabric color choice, income, ethnicity, and the average temperature of the area where they live.

2. an analyst sought to predict the annual sales for a home furnishing manufacturer using
the following predictor variables:
x1 = marriage during the year
x2 = housing starts during the year
x3 = annual disposable personal income
x4 = time trend (first year = 1, second year = 2, and so forth).
using data for 24 years, the analyst calculated the following estimating equation:
y = 49.85 - .068x1 + .036x2 + 1.22x3 -19.54x4
the analyst also calculated an r2 = .92 and a standard error of estimate of 11.9.
interpret the above equation and statistics.

3. how could discriminate analysis be used to provide insight into manova results where the manova has one independent variable (a factor with two levels)?

4. a researcher was given the task of predicting which of three actions would be taken by the 280 employees in the desota plant that was going to be sold to its employees. the alternatives were to:

a. take severance pay ad leave the company.
b. stay with the new company and give up severance pay.
c. take a transfer to the plant in chicago.
the researcher gathered data on employee opinions, inspected personnel files and the like, and then did a discriminate analysis. later, when the results were in, she found the results listed below. how successful was the researcher’s analysis.

predicted decision

actual decision a b c
a 80 5 12
b 14 60 14
c 10 15 70
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