rules of professional conduct

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you are conducting a practice review of an audit client and discovered the following items when reviewing the files of hjl llp.
the partners of hjl llp were contacted by a taxation officer requesting information regarding the their client’s hst account. information was given to cra as requested.
a student who works for the audit firm hjl llp accepted discounts on purchases from the audit client he was working on.
hjp llp agreed to a 10,000 additional fee for providing an unmodified opinion in the audit of their client.
hjl llp recommended to their family and friends that they purchase stock of one of their audit clients.
as a means of attracting clients, hlp advertised a discount on all audits for the month of march 2015.

prepare a memorandum to the accounting association that clearly identified where there was a breach of the rules of professional conduct and a recommendation of what is the proper course of action for each of the above.
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