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fabrico motors’ dealership sells fords, hondas, and toyotas. the dealership keeps information about each car manufacturer with whom it deals so that employees can get in touch with manufacturers easily. the dealership also keeps information about the models of cars that it carries from each manufacturer. it keeps such information as list price, the price the dealership paid to obtain the model, and the model name and series (e.g. honda civic lx). the dealership also keeps information about all sales that it has made. (for instance, employees will record the buyer’s name, the car the buyer bought, and the amount the buyer paid for the car.) to allow employees to contact the buyers in the future, contact information is also kept (e.g. address, phone number, e-mail).
for the above situation, answer the following questions.
what are the entities of interest identifiable?
identify the attributes of entities and the relationship existing amongst these entities
what are the constraints on relationship types?
draw the corresponding e-r diagram
map your diagram in (d) into relational schema and identify all candidate keys
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