saudi marco, retention recovery plan for saudis drilling foremen: 5 years experiment

Project Description:

i need your help in this project as per the instruction below:

the structure of the paper should be similar to a regular economics experimental paper, except without the results section.
• an introduction that clearly states the question that you are trying to answer, and explains why that question is important to answer, and why it hasn't been answered before. this should be around 500 words.
• a background/literature review section that covers the most relevant existing research. this section should not be too long; if there are many papers, then try to focus on the things that are most relevant to what you are trying to cover. this section should be around 800-1200 words.
• an experimental design. this should be as detailed as possible, and you should discuss feasibility issues, and likely problems. you should also include a rough budget.
• a predicted results section, where you refer to the theory covered in the background/literature review when you make your predictions.
• full bibliography in the system used in the papers that you read.

there is no need for a conclusion.

- in the attachment you can find all the part above was covered and written by me except " predicted results section" which need to be written by you
- need from you to review entire the project and write it in very prof way with clear english and good paper format
- in the literature review it was taken direct from the references needs to be rephrase & organize
- please make the project completed and clear
- use the above information and cover all the points even if you used any other references linked to the topic

the score will be out of 40, and it will have the following breakdown:
• 10 points for quality of english prose (spelling, grammar, writing style)
• 10 points for the motivation and literature review
• 15 points for the experimental design, including originality in light of what has been covered in the literature already
• 5 points for how reasonable your predictions are in light of the existing literature
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