scenario task module six: gathering quantities data

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in your role as a highly paid consultant, you are given a list of potential threats to and vulnerabilities of the current communication security protocols of an organization. you are asked to provide quantitative data to measure the likelihood that any of these threats will actually occur for the information assets of the client. conduct research and describe resources you found that might provide insight into measuring the likelihood that some of the threats would actually occur. in the explanation, include whether you see a trend in resources that might indicate a specific industry is particularly involved in gathering this kind of data. additionally, evaluate which communication security protocols are more effective and provide an explanation.

for additional details, please refer to the scenario task module six guidelines and rubric document in the task guidelines and rubrics section of the course.

the project should be turn it in free.
no similarities and paraphrising of ideas with any others paper. should have to mention all the points asked in question.
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