scientific method

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the following are the generally agreed upon elements in the scientific method:
1.formulating a problem
2.observation and experiment
3.interpretation (hypothesis)
4.testing the interpretation
5.reporting the results

which step of the scientific method is used in the statements below? explain your answer and, in your own words, describe what the next step in the process would be.
•a scientist with nasa wonders whether or not there is water on mars.
•a geologist places drops of hydrochloric acid on a rock.
•a climatologist named sarah studies the data she collected from her air monitoring stations and thinks that there has been an increase in carbon monoxide in the area around the monitoring stations.
•another climatologist takes sarah's data and plugs it into a new computer program to see if there has been a change since last year's data was collected.
•a toddler wonders what will happen if she mixes her green paint with her yellow paint.
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