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Project Description:

sec 10-k paper
selecting your company
access the most recent sec 10-k filing of a publicly traded company that has inventory and accounts receivable. the company must sell a tangible product, so do not select hotels, financial services, or other service-oriented businesses. in addition you company should be headquartered in the united states to avoid any currency translation or ifrs issues. post the name of your company in the sec 10-k conference for approval. you must select a company that has not been previously selected by another student. once you’ve chosen a company, post it to the sec 10-k conference as a new post with your company name in the subject line.

accessing and reading the sec 10-k for your company
access the most recent sec 10-k filing for your company by using the edgar database on the sec website or your company’s website under investor relations (or a title similar). if you’ve never used the edgar database before, the sec provides a guide on how to use the database: researching public companies through edgar: a guide for investors. in addition, the sec provides a very useful guide named how to read an sec 10-k report that you should read before beginning your project. if you’d like a pdf of the guide, you can download it from here.

topical requirements
specific topics that you should address in your paper include the following:

brief description of company;
major competitors;
brief summary of current events affecting the company;
vertical analysis (with interpretation) of the balance sheet (income statement is optional);
horizontal analysis (with interpretation) of the income statement (balance sheet is optional);
analysis and interpretation of the statement of cash flows including operating, investing, and financing activities sections; and
financial ratios, computation, and interpretation (see illustration 18-27 on pages 843 and 844 of the textbook for a list of ratios to compute and interpret).
if you’re an overachiever, you can include more topics than the ones above.

formatting and citation requirements
the paper should be two to three pages in length, single-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides and 12-point font-size. (page count does not include title page, tables and exhibits, table of contents, and works cited list.) use these headings to organize your paper into sections:

company description and major competitors
current events summary
vertical analysis of the balance sheet
horizontal analysis of the income statement
analysis of the statement of cash flows
ratio analysis
conclusion based on analysis
do not copy and paste material from the 10-k because doing so would be considered plagiarism. avoid issues of academic dishonesty by citing all of your sources in a works cited list, which should include the web address for your sec 10-k. your works cited list should also include our textbook. you must use apa style for in-text citations and your works cited list.
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