security administration 304

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for crimj question about the article review please follow all the steps 
you should do based on the article that i have attached for you
and follow all the steps to complete this work by 11 pm in 7 hours tonight paying 25$

choose one of the following articles via electronic reserves readings:
1. sampson, r. j. & groves, w. b. (1989). community structure and crime: testing social-disorganization theory. american journal of sociology, 94, 774-802.pages

1. sufficient overview of the theory being tested
2. discussion of author(s) major argument/research questions?
3. does the student's paper follow format guidelines (double spaced, properly cited, page length requirement, quality mechanics of writing)
4. discussion of the research method used?
5. discussion of the major findings of the article?
6. student's discussion of the policy implications of the major findings

8. your review should be about three pages in length, double spaced, properly cited, and should follow the rules of good essay writing.  at the top left of your essay, include your name and the name of the article being reviewed. 
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