security software comparison

Project Description:

in this task you will write a short paper evaluating, comparing, and contrasting the capabilities of two security payment card industry (pci) compliance vendors.


choose two vendors from the following list as the short listed vendors an enterprise is considering doing business with for payment card industry (pci) compliance middleware. (it is helpful to have an organization in mind with which you are familiar.)
ibm payment card industry (pci) security solutions
at&t payment card industry solutions
mcafee pci dss compliance
symantec it projects: pci compliance
read the information at the vendor websites and related links to gather information about the middleware related to:
strengths of the vendor
functions offered by the security software
how the software is offered (as software or as a service or both)
business benefits to the organization (as claimed by the vendor)
any other information you can gather that would help you to choose one vendor over another
write a short paper (no more than five pages including a title page and references page, formatted to apa standards) addressing the following:
compare and contrast the two vendors based on the information you have identified for each item in step 2.
write a final conclusion with your recommendation for which vendor you recommend for the organization. justify your recommendation using analyses of the vendor summaries. in making your recommendation, you might want to state any business assumptions that must be taken into account (e.g., lack of trained staff, costs associated with implementation or training, etc.)
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