select a data mining vendor

Project Description:

in this task, you will introduce and summarize your understanding of the concept of data mining. subsequently, you will evaluate and compare at least two data mining products with the goal of indicating a choice of one for your course project organization.

this paper is the next segment of your final project and should be constructed as such. evaluate and integrate key points from the forum discussion into your analysis and apply research and the readings to your assertions.

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in a minimum of three pages, present your analysis and recommendation of a data mining solution.
introduce the topic of data mining to the readers of the final project as if they are business executives that have no knowledge of data mining.
in addition to defining and summarizing data mining, be certain to elucidate the business value of data mining.
research and select two data mining software solutions. use theme 2 as a starting point.
summarize each of the two solutions, providing vital information about the corporation and the product.
for each of the two data mining software solutions, provide an analysis of the features including:
ease of use characteristics.
mining methods offered.
ability to interact with other bi enabling technologies such as etl and analytics.
other information pertinent to making a vendor decision for the organization.
finalize the paper indicating the preferred choice of data mining vendor that includes the reasons for choosing the vendor and the expected business value.
back up your choice with research from at least two resources from the jiu library or other sources.
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