senior seminar

Project Description:

it's gonna be 2 short writing tasks.
please read the tasks description carefully!!
all of the two tasks should be almost 3 pages

task no1:
based on having read

”q. how to live?” and “q. how to live? don’t worry about death” —bakewell

write only one or two paragraph response to this question:

bakewell claims the 21st century is the “era of public displays of self-disclosure.” how, if at all, does engagement with social media (blogging/tweeting/snapchat/yikyak) relate to montaigne’s practice of using essays to ask himself questions about the meaning of life?

make specific reference to specific points in the text with quotes.

task no 2;

“on experience” by montaigne (p. 343 in my copy of the book)

based on your notes for in-class discussion, write a short comment in response to this prompt:

this essay is sort of the summation of montaigne's beliefs about how to live. in it, he writes about all manner of things, ranging from what he likes to eat to his view of religion. the opening line is: "there is no desire more natural than the desire for knowledge."

my question is this: why might it be important to explore (and honor) our own experience in the way that montaigne did? if you think this is just solipsism, why (and what's so bad about solipsism)?
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