series of writing tasks for a class for my mgis degree

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the class i am taking is called developing an enterprise level geo spatial strategy. no technical skill or knowledge of using gis is required but from a leadership and managerial standpoint be able to effectively plan how to implement a gis for an organization given its mission/budget/infrastructure etc. establishing or maintaining an enterprise level geospatial system can be a daunting task; even preparing to do so can be daunting as there are so many variables to consider in order to determine your system needs. this course presents strategies to make this process manageable and allow you to confidently determine your geospatial system needs. we will focus on strategies for small to mid-sized agencies without a strong it or geospatial infrastructure in place. while many of these concepts apply to large organizations as well, we won’t look into the special considerations for such organizations. if you have a strong it presence to start with, you will need to cooperate with them to determine your system parameters. my specific scenario that was given to me is attached. almost every task asks how you would implement the task into your given scenario. please read and fully understand this

your 2 textbooks will present ways to plan an enterprise gis; complete a needs assessment and capacity planning; design, model and administer your data; and system architecture, performance and security. you will learn to determine your system requirements and implement your can access these ebooks at you will be required to download a free app reader to view them. i use adobe digital editions to read them after download (free download). go to my library to view them.
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i am falling way behind in this class due to work and family related stressors and need some help to get this work done.

total of 20 tasks/reports in the attached document. i have a specific scenario (also attached) that must be used for these tasks and a lot of them continue off of each other. please send me completed tasks as you finish them. you must read and reference your writing from two books as you complete them and ensure you are giving realistic material regarding my assigned scenario. the writing must reflect what is taught in the books. the tasks attachment will include the chapters required to have been read for each task.

all reports that you submit must be in apa format and include the following components: a title, page numbers, and section headings in bold text. at a minimum, each report should include three sections (introduction, main body of the report using a descriptive heading, and conclusion) and a list of references. page numbers should begin on the first page of the report, not on the cover page. references should be in apa format. the reports should be double spaced with 1” margins on all sides of the page and should meet the page length parameters specified. note that the bibliography of references is not included in the required number of pages. the reports should be written clearly and be free of errors in grammar and punctuation. please see the other attachment for the list of tasks with required reading to be reflected in the writing.

i am already 4 weeks behind and tasks 1._ through 4._ are already late. if you could complete them in order and get them to me as you finish would be ideal. i am requesting for them all to be completed in two but no more than three weeks.

i am american but living abroad in europe (lithuania) so there might be an issue with time difference.

please help me!!
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