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the task is as follows:

discussion of shake shack's prospectus (registration statement on form s-1): in this paper, students will write a one-page paper (single-space text, font 12) to make two observations (one positive and one negative) about the prospects of the company based on information provided in the prospectus.

papers will be evaluated on the ability to: a) articulate a clear understanding of the two observations including why one is positive and the other is negative; b) support your observations with evidence from the prospectus; c) provide thoughtful analysis that shows how your observations are drawn from multiple areas of the prospectus (prospectus summary, risk factors, use of proceeds, m, d & a, letter from founder, business, management, competition / competitive environment; and d) draw conclusions from you observations about the success of the shake shack ipo and the company's post ipo prospects.

basically just to get it right, you read prospectus which is like 250 pages, and draw observations (negative and positive one). i make sure to draw these observations from multiple areas in prospectus titles. i then write a conclusion about success of shack ipo and company's post ipo prospects.

i need this asap please.
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