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do you feel that criminal justice researchers should be able to do research on any participant at any time? or are there circumstances in which you feel these participants should be granted protection, based on the ethical guidelines presented? be sure to identify which participants (prisoners, probationers, juveniles, etc.) that you feel should or should not have these protections.

paper should be 1-2 pages in length. while there is no strict right or wrong answers here, papers will be evaluated on how well terms from this week’s resources are incorporated into defending your position.
the terms are below. all the terms don't need to be used. please read carefully and fully understand the task before bidding

theory- an explanation for why things occur. usually a theory is built from a bunch of different studies that all seem to converge on the same explanation for why things occur. for example, newton’s theory of gravity was based on the fact that all of his experiments lead to the conclusion that there is always a force acting on objects (in other words, everything falls).

paradigm- a model from which to view the world. this term is especially useful when multiple different explanations or theories can be applied. for example (those of us who have take maj 6600 might recall) that in trying to explain crime one might endorse a classical paradigm point of view and believe that crime must be punished to uphold the social contract. those who endorse the positivist paradigm might disagree, suggesting that crime is evitable because some people are born criminals and therefore we have to rehabilitate criminals not punish them. notice that the difference between paradigm and theory is that for each paradigm people likely would have built theories around what they believe.

basic research-research done that expands upon our theoretical understanding of a behavior. for example, a look at how cocaine changes the brain to understand why cocaine abusers do what they do.
applied research- research done to address a real world issue or problem. for example, trying to reduce cocaine use in a town by increasing public service announcements about the dangers of the drug.

operationalization- taking an abstract concept and making it easily observable, measurable in a concrete way. for example “quarterback skill” might be abstract- but if i wanted to measure my quarterback’s skill i could look at “completion percentage” or “winning percentage” or “touchdowns compared to interceptions.” all of these statistics are easy to compute and explain what i think the abstract concept of “qb skill” might mean. when defining a crime problem for your research paper you will want to make sure to try to operationalize all variables involved (as it is very difficult to measure abstract things).

dependent variable- the variable we are trying to measure. also, typically the variable we feel is the effected by another. for example if we believe “pcp use causes violence” we would expect violence to depend on how often one smokes pcp, hence dependent variable.

independent variable- the variable we manipulate in a study. also, the variable we feel is the causal agent. for example, if we believe “pcp use causes violence” then we would try to separate (manipulate) people who use pcp often from those that never use to see if the rate of violence is influenced by the amount of pcp they use. typically we will be looking at the relationship between an independent variable and a dependent variable- and to help separate the two just ask yourself, “which variable do i assume depends on the other.”
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