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12 short and easy question . i can pay 40 for this task.

q1. what promotional efforts would a marketer be likely to use if the communication objective
was to increase awareness of the brand?
q2. explain how new social media formats have democratized marketing messages.

q3. hotmail put the message "get your free email at" at the bottom of every
email sent by hotmail users. what type of marketing technique did hotmail use?
q4. why has traditional mass market diminished as a way to talk to younger consumers?

q5. marketers can choose from two basic strategies: push or pull. compare these two strategies.
q6 how can sales managers benefit from customer relationship management (crm)?
q7 why are people reached by direct mail better prospects for a company than those reached by
mass media such as television or magazines?

q8. a customer has a piece of paper that states that he will receive five dollars off the selling
price if he purchases a certain brand of teeth whitening strips. what sales promotion technique is
being offered to this customer?
q9. explain the limitations for marketers offering e-commerce shopping.
q10 describe how nonstore retailing has recently grown.

q11. porsche purchases thousands of different parts such as stereos to manufacture their cars.
explain derived demand in this situation.
q12. compare the three business-to-business buy classes.(2
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