short questions(no word limit but complete answers required)

Project Description: effective is subliminal persuasion? do an internet search for more information about this topic and its use in advertising. share your findings, with url, here. you could start by looking at the following links.

2.what is esp? do an internet search for examples, explanations, and investigations of it. based on your search, do you believe in esp? give evidence to support your belief and share the url's you find here.

3.(sensation and perception anomalies)do an internet search for anomalies of sensation and perception, including pain. what explanations are given for these anomalies? share your findings, with url. an internet search for examples of perceptual illusions. look for visual illusions as well as illusions of other senses. describe the illusion and explain how or why it works. include the url in your posting.

5.discuss one specific cross-cultural difference you have noticed in personality traits or values. you may discuss any country or culture that you want. perhaps you have noticed this clear cross-cultural difference when you have been traveling or perhaps you have noticed this differences when you moved to north america from a different country.

6.some child development experts believe that children in north america are too pampered and are not given enough responsibility. others claim that children have only two areas in which to demonstrate their abilities: school and athletics. do you agree or disagree? what are the implications for a child who does not perform well either in school or on the playing field? would giving children more responsibility provide opportunities for building self-esteem?

7.a surprisingly large percentage of college students (about 40 percent) describe themselves as "shy." can such a self-imposed label be changed by the time one reaches college age? how? how does someone come to be "shy?" what is the difference between being a shy person and being "situationally shy." does understanding rotter's notion of locus of control help you understand yourself as a person and as a student? how can it help you achieve your life goals?

9.reflect on the revolutionary path from mao zedong, ho chi minh, frantz fanon, and fidel castro. compare and contrast their experiences and why it was they chose a revolutionary path. reflect on any commonalities and differences in their perspectives. and ask why it is (when it is discussed) they reject reform instead of violent revolution.
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