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if you are great at writing short stories then this is for you. 5 to 8 pages this should be unpublished work. i need someone who can write a short story academically and creatively apa style. the short story should include a clearly stated premise, findings and conclusion, be well organized, support any arguments or claims, and demonstrate consistent use of citation and documentation conventions according to a specific writing style (writing style would be third person omniscient). create a main character who is complex and charismatic, one readers will care about. give your protagonist a burning desire. decide what your character is most afraid of. devise a critical story problem or conflict. develop a unique "voice" for this story. create a worthy antagonist. devise an opposition character who is strong, clever, determined, and resourceful – a force to be reckoned with. and for added interest, make him or her multi-faceted, with a few positive qualities, too. add in a few interesting, even quirky supporting characters. give each of your characters a distinct personality, with their own agenda, hopes, accomplishments, fears, insecurities, and secrets, and add some individual quirks to bring each of them to life. supporting and minor characters should be quite different from your protagonist, for contrast. start a diary for each important character to develop their voice and personality, and ensure none of them are closely modeled after you, the author, or your friends. but don’t fully develop any very minor or "walk-on" characters, or readers will expect them to play a more important role. in fact, it’s best not to name minor characters like cab drivers and servers, unless they play a bigger role. make your character and story unique and memorable.
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