sigma marketing: innovation in a changing environment

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task 2.2: case study analysis — sigma marketing: innovation in a changing environment

in this task, you will read about the growth of a small marketing agency to a worldwide agency that now specializes in advertising products in the case study “sigma marketing: innovation in a changing environment” in your text.

procedure the case study. a word document, provide the following: a.discuss potential key changes in the external environment, specifically competition and technology including communications that sigma will face in the future. which will have the most impact on sigma's future marketing strategies?
b.prepare a tows analysis for long term strategic planning at sigma marketing.
c.suggest some possible strategic initiatives that sigma could pursue to prolong its growth. be sure to reference theme 3 with the product lifecycle and how sigma will need to recognize the stage of the lifecycle.

3.your responses to each question should reflect the knowledge you have acquired through your readings, module themes, and your own research. a.use this information in your discussion and analysis to support your opinions.
b.any readings you use to support your opinions must be credible and properly cited according to apa guidelines.

and please use the following sources:


ferrell, o. c., & hartline, m. (2010). marketing strategy. mason, oh: cengage. [text]

chapters 4 and 5

kapner, s. (2009, july 10). brand barbie gets a makeover. cnnmoney. [web]

ubin, b. (2011, september 08). how long does innovation last? forbes. [web]

van patten, d. (n.d.). whatever happened to cabbage patch dolls? about. [web]
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