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question 1 (1 point)

soaring eagles corp. has total current assets
of $11,542,000, current liabilities of $5,650,000 and a quick ratio of 0.91.
what is its level of inventory?
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question 1 options:

question 2 (1 point)

boulder mountain ski company has total assets of $491,000,000 and a debt ratio of 0.30. calculate the company’s debt-to-equity ratio.
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question 2 options:

question 3 (1 point)

the timber ridge company has the following relationships:
sales/total assets = 3.71; roa = 0.1100
what is timber ridge’s net profit margin?
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question 3 options:

question 4 (1 point)

sawaya company had depreciation and amortization expenses of $522,311, interest expenses of $114,077, and an ebitda of $1,521,087 for the year ended june 30, 2010. what is the times interest earned for this company?
question 4 options:

13.3 times

8.8 times

.6 times

none of the above
question 5 (1 point)

archware systems has total assets of $35.594
billion, total debt of $9.678 billion, and net sales of $23.870 billion. their
net profit margin for the year was 0.17, while the operating profit
margin was 30 percent. what is archware’s net income? (answer needs to be stated in billions. for example: 2.83)
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question 5 options:

question 6 (1 point)

which one of the following statements is not true?
question 6 options:

dso measures in days, the time the firm takes to convert its receivables into cash.

one ratio that measures the efficiency of a firm's collection policy is days' sales outstanding.

the accounts receivables turnover ratio measures how quickly the firm collects on its credit sales.

the more days that it takes the firm to collect on its receivables, the more efficient the firm is.
question 7 (1 point)

blue air inc., has net sales of $701,000 and accounts receivables of $161,000. what are the firm's accounts receivables turnover?
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question 7 options:

question 8 (1 point)

jp vineyards has sales of $867,000, a gross profit margin of 0.314, and inventory of $177,000. what is the company's inventory turnover ratio?
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question 8 options:

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