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have a template web design, need to make it work with certain exceptions. nobody may "register", and nobody can reset their passwords except the administrator (me). i'm the admin, and can add, edit, block, or delete who i want.

after login, user will land on his/her page(s) , i.e. chat, and photo gallery, documents, etc.

i decided what level of access the user has or hasn't. users can upload pictures, but only in .png, .jpg, .jpeg formats!
i decide if they may share the pictures on the site with another person or not. i want to preview every picture that the users upload before authorization in the gallery. users may not delete or edit anything. only i may do so.

i may share any document or photos to any users that i wish, and restrict others.

i refuse to have javascript on this. must be pure php and mysql database driven.
no wordpress, no durpel, no django, etc...pure php /html / css codeing.
price of job will discuss later. can you accomplish the task or not?
please rsvp.

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