small business financial plan

Project Description:

students will be expected to put together a financial plan based on either a real small business, or a fictitious one (data may be supplied by instructor).

while each plan is unique depending on the business sector, location, stage of development, etc., all banker and/or investor presentable business plans, as well as plans for internal use, should include the following:

executive summary (1-2 pages - this always gets read)

name a type of business (i.e., partnership, corporation)
purpose of business and goals
brief history of creation
product/service offered
market environment
descriptions of owners/principal managers
financing request
company description
general environment and industry analysis
marketing plan and strategy
management and operations analysis
financial analysis: including performance to date and projections
funding request (in detail, including collateral uses of funds – equipment acquisition, working capital – and sources of repayment)
exit strategy

for the purpose of this curriculum, we will concentrate on the financial and funding request portions of the business plan, as well as the executive summary.

below is a financial plan outline: which should include:

balance sheet (historic and pro forma projections)
income statement (historic and pro forma projections)
sources and uses of funds
ratio analysis
pro forma cash flow projections (going forward monthly for two years, and followed by quarterly for two years)
* note: when preparing income, balance sheet, and cash flow pro formas, descriptive assumptions for each line item (e.g., , rent) should be provided
receivables and payables agings reports for accounts receivables and accounts payables going forward monthly (i.e., current, + 30 day tranches for 4 months (i.e., 120 days +)
plan should discuss whether cash or accrual basis accounting will be used
plan should discuss types of accounting and finance software to be used
plan should discuss all sources and amounts of funds to be raised, including a schedule of activity, achievement dates, etc.

i have already completed the executive summary portion. also, i have attached a spreadsheet that shows anticipated costs for the business i would be creating which is a gym.
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