Project Description:

evaluate the major stakeholder groups that influence and are influenced by small companies and discuss the primary responsibilities of small companies in malaysia. in addition analyse how a small business owner manage potential conflicts between the demands of these groups. the marks for the task will be distributed as follows:

a) discussion on the relevant major stakeholder groups. ( aswer : 3 - 4 pages )

b) identification and discussion of primary responsibilities of small businesses in malaysia. ( answer : 3 - 4 pages )

c) analyse on how small business in malaysia managing potential conflicts between the major stakeholder groups. ( answer: 2 - 3 pages )

task format:
a. each question answer must contain 750-1250 words and must have introduction, body and conclusion .
b. use double space and 12-point of times new roman font.
c. provide reference using the american psychological association (apa) format
d. references should be latest (year 2005 onwards)
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