social media plan

Project Description:

you’ve been assigned a project at work to develop a social media plan in order to enhance customer service.

first, decide which company you will be creating this social media plan for. make sure you can locate their goals or values.

your 1-2 page plan will include the following information:

•scope: to use social media for customer service purposes

•business goals: list the business’s goals or values that specifically correlate with customer needs, interactions, or satisfaction.

•social media purpose: specifically state what purpose the social media interaction will provide. for example, “we want to create a place for our customers to find creative solutions and new ways to use our product, therefore developing higher customer satisfaction with the product.”

•social media goals: refer back to the business goals section. of the goals that you listed, which goal or goals specifically relate to your social media purpose? state your goal in relation to the business’s goal. for example, “by providing informational media delivered by social media, our goal is to enlighten customers and fulfil our business goal of ‘generating greater appreciation and loyalty from all of our stakeholders by educating them about natural and organic foods, health, nutrition and the environment.’”

•tactics: briefly tell the reader how will you make this happen. for example, will you create 60 second videos to put on youtube? what will the general topics be? will you send out daily twitters? you may want to also examine your audience to decide how to best reach them.

•metrics: finally, speak to how you will determine if this social media effort has been effective. will you monitor the number of email requests received about topic x or y, with success being a drop in requests by 10%? will you send out a survey, with success being 70% of customers using the product in a new way? make sure to not only include how you will measure the success (comments on a blog), but what defines the success (5 posts on the blog).
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