social perspectives on race, gender and class 1

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an ascribed status is one assigned to you by society. you are usually born into it, or it is one over which you have no control (e.g., age, race, or gender). on the other hand, an achieved status is primarily based on your own efforts (e.g., earning a law degree or becoming an opera singer, convict, or mother). for each of the following scenarios, describe the ascribed status and how that status might affect achieved status. what are the possible achieved statuses of each?

*a young african-american single mother from a poor neighborhood
*a 60-year-old unemployed male looking for work
*a young american-vietnamese girl raised by very traditional parents who believe that women should not work

write 3 paragraphs for each scenario. each paragraph should be 3–4 sentences long. demonstrate that you have researched the cultures by providing 1–2 academic references. you should conclude with an understanding that based on socialization and ascribed characteristics, everyone faces different challenges in the workplace.
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