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analysis paper based on the movie crash

due sunday 11:59 p.m. et to turnitin and the digital drop box.
this analysis paper provides the opportunity for you to apply your knowledge of sociology and sociological concepts to the film crash. your paper must conform to apa style, including double spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and arial font. required length is four to five pages (not including the cover page) and no less than 1,000 words. review the plagiarism section of the syllabus. refer to the grading rubric for assessment details.

for instructions on writing a literary analysis, watch this 15-slide powerpoint presentation by the purdue owl (online writing lab). remember, all papers in this course must follow apa style rules.

analysis paper grading rubric


points earned/comments

apa style is used.

paper has at least two references included, both in the body of the paper, per apa, and in the references section

paper includes a title page

paper contains an outline which includes

the basic thesis of your paper
what sociological theory you are applying to your topic (structural functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism)
other topical areas of your paper
paper includes a reference page

paper is four to five pages long (not including title and reference pages)

paper is no less than 1,000 words
40 points possible

obeys general spelling and grammar rules
20 points possible

sociological terms are used correctly
20 points possible

analyzes four of the sociological topics/chapters covered in our textbook, including but not limited to: culture, socialization, mass media, social interaction, groups, social structure, deviance, stratification, racial and ethnic inequality, gender inequality, or family.

terms from the chapters have been used and applied.

for instance, if one of your four main topics is family, go to the family chapter and make sure you apply at least five to eight terms from that chapter. do the same for the other chapters you choose
you are encouraged to use as much detail as is appropriate for the topic. only using a handful of terms will result in a low grade
50 points possible

two or more full paragraphs of the paper discuss which of the three major sociological theories you are applying to your topic and how it applies
25 points possible

future implications of the issues raised in the film are discussed
20 points possible

one paragraph expresses your thoughts on the issues raised in the film
25 points possible

total points possible


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